The hidden benefits of Ijo Chili to keep your welfare

Whether you are a fan of the Chili ingredients processed ijo? Ijo chili seasoning that gives one the sensation of its own against dishes, so it's no wonder if some restaurants make it as a menu mainstay, one of them: sambal ijo field. Processed using green chili is not only delicious, but dilidah it contains tremendous benefits for your welfare. In fact, a study mention if in large green chilies contain vitamins, minerals and essential compounds are also much needed by the body. Hem, surely you wonder, roughly what the healthy benefits of sich contained in green chili.
Rather than curious, mending refer only the continuation of an article entitled the hidden benefits of Ijo Chili to keep your welfare.
The content of nutrients in green chilli
Although only green chilies, but inside it is very rich in essential nutrients, including: protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, essential minerals, phosphorus, and capcaisin compounds that have properties as an analgesic, anti bacterial, anti diabetic, and anti-karsiogenik.
The amazing benefits of green Chili for health
From the diverse content of nutrients in green chilies, can we get a variety of healthy benefits, such as:

Prevent cancer
Green chilies contain high levels of antioxidants that are beneficial to protect the body from free radical damage from some that could potentially cause serious diseases, including: cancer.

Keeping blood sugar levels
Natural deposits found in green chili is very helpful in keeping the body's blood sugar levels to normal, so you avoid the risk of diabetes.

Immune boost
Green chili contains vitamin C which is great for keeping the immune system. In addition, the content of the green chilies in the capcaisin also has immune functions improve so that the risk of disease could be reduced.

Keep the beauty of the skin
The content of Vitamin C and E are high in green chilli make it snagat good to maintain the beauty of your skin.

Pain relievers
Green chili peppers contain compounds that are analgesic that helps dampen the pain at the wound. So, it is suitable if it is used as a medicine out when exposed to rheumatism, bone pain, infection or inflammation. Mashed green chilies, then balurkan on bruises or swelling.

Healthy digestive system
Chili is a good natural fiber to keep Your intestinal health by way of purging the toxins interfere with potentially large deposits of the digestive system.

Prevent stress
Consuming processed green chili very useful cure stress. This is because it can stimulate the release of endorphin hormones on the brain so that the person will feel excited and happy.

View a variety of benefits we can get from green chilies, is certainly very very affectionate if we miss it, right? Hopefully the information titled the hidden benefits of Ijo Chili to keep your welfare above can be beneficial for all of us.
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